windows 8 wifi sharing application, connectify free download

Windows 8 WiFi sharing software free download.

In a previous post we showed how to use your laptop or PC with WiFi connectivity as a WiFi hotspot. It was a bit complicated since it involved some codes and geeks, which some users could not handle by themselves. the advantage of that trick was that you needn’t download any third party software like connectify as in this case. And the process was free and you could do it yourself. But for those who think that’s a bit of hassle here is the latest and the most decent method to share your WiFi from laptop or PC using the software called connectify. Connectify application has a free version and a paid version too. You can use trial of the paid version also you can try both and select whichever suits you. So here is the download link for connectify software and also a small description about the connectify application.

connectify wifi sharing software free download

Connectify WiFi sharing application.

Connectify wifi application has two versions, connectify lite and connectify dispatch. Connectify lite is a free software and it has fewer features than that of connectify dispatch. In connectify dispatch you can use the WiFi for file transfer by drag and drop and many additional features, which may or may not be useful to you. If you want to try the premium version there is a free trial period for that too. In free version you can use password protection for your transmitted WiFi ssid.

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