download youtube video direct from youtube

a simple plugin that enables downloading videos directly from youtube page itself

many people use very sophisticated methods to download videos from youtube. normally one have to either use a installed software or any third party software for the purpose. is providing you with a simple trick to download youtube videos directly to your pc. this trick contains two plugins for your mozilla firefox. this works only on mozilla firefox. and the trick is absolutely free

here is a screen shot of the youtube page after installing the plugins

youtube downloader

after activating this trick you can download youtube videos just by clicking on the download button on the youtube page itself. youll get a variety of qual;ities to choose from. here is the screen shot

youtube video dowbloaderso now its lot more easy to download videos from youtube. in just two clicks. no more hazzle to download from youtube.

step by step guide to activate this trick

  1. first of all this trick works only on firefox browser
  2. download and install the greasemonkey plugin from here
    grease monkey addon for firefox free downloadyoutube downloader
  3. after installing greasemonkey addon for firefox go on to next step
  4. install the second script by going to the link provided here
    download script for freedownload youtube videos directly

now you are done simply restart your firefox and check for the changes.

if you enjoyed this trick and found it useful, let others also enjoy it. so please share.

you can comment any suggestions here. and also can request for tricks you are looking for and also share the tricks with you here. thanks for reading me



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