Mobile balance transfer trick.

Mobile balance transfer trick for airtel, aircel, vodafone, tata docomo, bsnl and idea.

Here is how to do a balance talktime transfer from a prepaid mobile number to any number within the same provider. The balance transfer service is supported by airtel, aircel, vodafone, bsnl and idea. The process is very simple and easy to follow. This comes quiet handy in situations. So its good to learn this trick as in case of emergency you don’t have to panic searching for mobile balance transfer technique. For instance take the scenario, your friend is traveling and he needs some recharge at midnight and you don’t have provision to do online recharge. you can transfer your balance to him even without getting up from your bed. The balance is transferred instantaneously without much delay. And a small processing fee is charged for this service

As there are many other applications of this trick other than emergency. As you know about many¬† tricks posted on for free mobile recharge. In some of those tricks other than the ultoo allows you only to recharge the mobile number you registered with them while signing up. If you are earning a very good amount of free recharge from some similar websites and you would like to en-cash it then this is the best way to do it. You can transfer your balance to other users under the same service providers and charge them. You can also distribute the free talktime balance you got within your family and friends. Any ways the idea of balance transfer isnt bad. And learning the technique can help you in cases of emergency as stated above. So that’s it. Most of the providers in India support this balance transfer feature. You can note down the transferring format some where in your message draft and use it in case you need it. The information on transferring balance, maximum amount transferable and processing fee related to balance transfer etc are listed for each provider.


Dial *141# and follow the on screen instructions.

select “share talktime option”.

The *141# menu of airtel is filled with many usefull option such as call me back sms on low balance etc. you can read more on call me back sms here.

Both airtel prepaid and postpaid users can transfer balance to any airtel prepaid user.

Transfer amount is to be between rs 5 and rs 50. you can also transfer rs 51 and rs 101 as gift. You must have minimum balance of rs 20 to share your balance.


Dial *122*666# and follow the instruction.

Minimum transfer amount is rs 5 and maximum transfer amount is rs 100.

Processing fee is rs 1 per transaction and you can do only one transaction per day.

Balance transfer is possible between two prepaid numbers only.


Type in message in the following format.

GIFT<space><mobile number><space><amount>

and send it to 53733.

There are space between gift mobile number and amount.

Supports transfers from rs 5 to rs 50.


To do gift recharge on vodafone just dial in the following format.

*131*<MRP>*<Receiver number>#

You can transfer min rs 5 and maximum rs 30.

The processing fee is rs 1 for transfer in the range of 5 rs to 9 rs, rs 2 for transfer in range of rs 10 to rs 24, rs 3 for transfer in range of rs 25 to rs 30.

One can donate balance only once in a day and a reciever can recieve balance upto 3 times a day.

Tata Docomo

Only buddy net users in tata docomo can transfer balance. If you are a buddy net user then you can transfer your balance to any prepaid docomo number. Docomo users can even do a reverse transfer. Reverse transfer means you can take back the amount you gifted to your friend.

to transfer balance on docomo compose message as shown.

“BT<Space>Target Mobile Number <Space> Amount”

And send to 54321.

The transfer will be charged at rs 1 per transaction.

For doing the reverse transfer on tata docomo compose message as shown.

“RBT<Space>Transaction ID” and send it to 54321″.

And send it to 54321. reversal of the gifted amount is subject to the balance availability of the your friend and reverse transfer is free of any transaction charge.


To do balance transfer from idea type message as shown.

“GIVE<space>mobile number<space>amount”

And send it to 55567.

Idea users can also transfer by sending ussd code in the following format.

*567*mobile number*amount#

idea charge rs 2 for each transaction as processing fee.

So that was all about the balance transferring tricks on various service providers. The balance transferring method of airtel, aircel, vodafone, tata docomo, bsnl and idea may change from time to time, so please try to stay updated with the latest format for the transfer as this is a emergency service in most cases. If you found this post informative and helpful please share it with your friends. Stay subscribed with us for future updates on similar topics. Thanks for reading.




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