How to find puk code of your sim card

How to find puk code of your sim card.

There are situations where you will be asked to enter puk code to unlock your sim or to prevent it from being locked permanently. This happens usually with users who put lock code on their phone. Usually there are three attempts available to enter the puk code for your sim, if you repeatedly enter 3 wrong codes then your sim card is locked permanently. This is a security feature inbuilt to prevent misuse of your mobile number. puk stands for personal unblocking code. and the code is unique for a particular sim. Usually you can find and note down the puk code of your sim from the pouch you got together with the sim. But this doesn’t work always. So how can you find your puk code for your mobile sim number. Some service providers provide easy ways to access the puk code of your sim. But for some providers the process is a bit complicated. So lets see how to find puk code of your mobile sim number for various service providers.

Through the service provider account using internet.

Log into your personal account that you have with your service provider if you have one. There you can provide your details and find your puk number. Only a few providers offer this service so check if your providers supports this.

By calling customer service

when your phone insists for puk code you can call up the customer care and tell them your mobile number and sim number and few more details then they will provide you with the puk code.The sim number is the 16 digit number found on the reverse side of your sim. You will have to provide additional details for security reasons. You have to provide your address, last recharge, last few numbers called etc.

The customer care numbers for various providers in India can be obtained from here

Customer care numbers of various service providers in all the circles

Airtel users have an easier way to find the puk code.

How to find puk code of airtel sim.

  • Type a message in the following format “PUK**********”
  • enter your 10 digit airtel mobile number in place of **********
  • And then send the text message to “121″ and its free of charge
  • you will get the puk code as sms, and you can do this from any mobile number

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